See Your Financial Future

Detailed forecast of your financial future
Balance Forecasting allows you to create a detailed view of your financial future based on your monthly bills and income. This allows you to plan months ahead, to make sure you will always have the funds to cover future expenses. Additionally, you can use Balance Forecasting as a tool to keep track of all your upcoming bills and to make sure you are spending within your means. You can also find out how, for example, increasing your credit card payment will impact your account. You can also use Balance Forecasting if you miss the cashflow forecasting functionality of the discontinued Quicken Online.
Forecast up to 30 years ahead
You can view your forecastfor 3, 6, 12, 24, or 48 months. Higher intervals are available on the Accounts page by downloading the forecast to CSV directly.
Free two week trial
Register above and get a free fully functional two week trial and see if Balance Forecasting is for you! No need to enter any payment information until you decide to upgrade. After the trial runs out, you will still be able to use this tool, but there will be some limitations.
iOS App
The iOS app can be downloaded here.
Windows Phone 8 app
The Windows Phone 8 app can be downloaded here.
Support for international users
The website was built from the ground up to provide support for multiple number formats, character sets, and date formats, as long as the browser provides that information.
You can view your month by month forecast on the built in calendar. Here you can reschedule bills by simply dragging them to a new date. The calendar is a very useful way to visualize your monthly bills.
Powerful filtering
Easily create a complex filter so you can view exactly the items you need. If you need to view all bills between March and April that will put your account under $50, Balance Forecasting has your covered.
Simple and clean interface
I strive to keep the website clean, with no unnecessary visual elements. Each page does one thing, and does it well.

Balance Forecasting has been helping users see the future of their bank account for the past four years. First on the iPhone and then on the Mac. Now it is even more powerful on the Web.

Feb 10 - Windows Phone 8 app

The brand new Windows Phone 8 app is now live! You can find it here. It mirrors the iOS app in functionality, but is a little bit more polished, because it's much easier to write code for WP8. The app also has a unique feature that's not even in the website. The forecast is continuous and is not limited by time. You can keep scrolling all the way to year 2050 and beyond! Some upcoming features are support for live tiles, notifications, due today count on the lock screen, and graphs and charts.

Jan 9 - Outage

The website suffered an outage yesterday and this morning because of some hosting issues. The problem has now been resolved. Sorry about any inconvenience this may have caused.

Dec 7 - Typeahead

Based on popular demand I wrote up support for typeahead for item names. So when you create a new item, whether it's from the Bills and Income, Forecast or Calendar page, just start typing in the Name field and you will see a typeahead list of previous names you used. Also part of this update is support for various localizations for the calendar and date widgets on the website, as well as automatic daily backups of your data. You can access the backups on the Accounts page if you have the Premium account. On a final note, a big update for the iOS app has been submitted to Apple and will hopefully be out soon. It contains a good number of bug fixes, hopefully the last of them.

Dec 1 - Undo functionality

I have finally gotten around to implementing undoing certain actions. Undo is available for setting the balance, marking one or more items as paid or skipped, changing the forecast date of one or more items, adding and updating an item, and deleting an item. I hope these will be useful to you. One obvious way undo is very useful is when you want to see what would happen if you paid X amount instead of the regular amount on something like a credit card payment. You can change it right in the forecast and when you're done analyzing the forecast, just click undo in the green box that popped up after you made your modification.

Nov 21 - Offline mode is out!

Apple has approved the update and offline mode is now live. Offline mode is useful if you are going on a trip where you won't have internet access, but you still want to use the app and update your data. Once you get back, turn offline mode off and you can then sync the changes you made in the app back to the website. You can also use offline mode if you simply don't want to use the website at all. The only thing is, right now, if you want to create a new account, you have to do it on the website. That will change in the future however. Also, even if you only plan on using offline mode, you still need to register for an account. Also in this update are some new icons and a brand new splash screen. I hope you like it!

Nov 12 - A huge amount of improvements

I've been hard at work for the past couple of weeks. The iOS update (offline mode, stability updates) is almost ready and I will probably submit it for review by the end of the week. I've also been working on the website. I've hopefully fixed all remaining timezone issues. I created a new setting under My Account where you can set your timezone. There have also been a lot of improvements with localization. You can now enter amounts and the balance in your native format (99,99 for example in the UK) and Balance Forecasting will understand what you mean. You can also enter the dates in your native format. However, before you can do all of this, you need to change your browser language, which is easy. Just google around or email me for instructions.

Oct 28 - Offline mode

A lot of people have asked for this in the past. I am currently working on offline mode for Balance Forecasting Web. You can toggle offline mode on and off. When you toggle it back on, it will upload your changes while it was in offline mode back to the server. This will allow me to finally retire the legacy iPhone app, as it's becoming a nightmare to maintain.

Sep 30 - iOS 7

The update that provides iOS 7 compatibility to the Balance Forecasting Web iPhone/iPad app is now out. Updates for the legacy apps to follow soon.

Sep 3 - Fixed a few broken things

For some reason editing items was broken with recent Chrome versions. This has now been fixed. Also, someone brought it to my attention that the contact form also broke recently. I have replace the form with a simple email address instead. No more Captcha! Also, I have recently deleted my Facebook account. With it went the Facebook page for Balance Forecasting. Please use email address to email me.

May 30 - New graphing experience and much faster loading

Good news everyone! I've significantly sped up the page load time when you have a lot of items forecasted. As a result, I was able to increase the maximum forecast interval from one year to four years. Keep in mind that you can forecast up to 30 years on the Accounts page by downloading to CSV. Additionally, I have revamped the balance graph. It now loads much faster, has a proper X axis, is zoomable, and it is now clear if there are two items that fall on the same day. Please let me know if you find any issues or have any feedback.

May 24 - Forecast statistics

I have written up a statistics section on the forecast page where you can see the total expenses, income, low balance, high balance, and if you have any negative balances for the selected period.

May 23 - Quick Add revamp

I have revamped the quick add functionality and made it easier to use. Let me know if you encounter any issues.

May 20 - iPad app now live

Apple has released the iPad app update. Like I mentioned, it is now native. I have also fixed a couple of bugs for the iPhone app.

May 15 - iPad app

I was trying to make the iPad app work properly, but apparently there is more work to be done on it. I am currently fixing the problem and will submit the update as soon as I can. This means that you will get the true iPad version, not the blown up iPhone version. Stay tuned.

Mar 29 - Outage yesterday

My webhost had an outage yesterday. The problem seems to be fixed now. This is the first outage I've seen since I've been with them for 3 years, so things like this are very rare.

Jan 12 - Improved quick add and ability to edit and add from iPhone app

Good news everyone! I have finally completed work on the long awaited iPhone enhancement that allows you to enter bills and income directly from the iPhone app. The update should be out now. The quick add feature has been improved greatly. Let me know if you have any feedback.

Oct 4 - Fixed bug with forecast when first logging in

Thanks to users for pointing this one out. Basically, if you did a fresh login after clearing your cache, the forecast would only show starting at the beginning of next month.

Sep 5 - Fixed long outstanding forecast bug

I have finally found and fixed a long outstanding bug that users encountered when marking an item paid in a month different than this one. This only applied to the single month views. I have removed the single month forecast views, since it was a lot of hassle to properly fix the bug. The code is now cleaner and runs a little faster.

Jul 1 - Long outstanding calendar bug

Good news everyone! I've finally fixed an outstanding calendar bug that some users were seeing that would result in the calendar screen showing "Please wait" forever. Basically, it was related to currency and how some browsers interpreted it. Sometimes, it would be incorrectly encoded on the server.

Jun 25 - Multi account forecast

This was one of the more requested features and it's finally here. The download a forecast for multiple accounts, go to the Accounts page and expand the Multiple Account Forecast section. Then select which accounts you want to download and the interval. The resulting forecast will then be downloaded to CSV and you can view it in any spreadsheet application. Enjoy!

Jun 18 - I'm on a roll

Since I won't have time to do much this summer, I'm cramming in a few long awaited features. The first is forecast export to CSV, which is accessible from the Forecast page. I have made this as flexible as possible and the file should work with all spreadsheet apps. Next is transfer between accounts. After debating for a while, I have decided to make this basic. When creating a new item, you are able to specify another account, which will have the same transaction, only the opposite. So if you created a bill in your Checking account and called it "Transfer to savings" and you link the Savings account, that will create an income entry in Savings automatically. Note that marking one as paid does not mark both of them paid. This gives you more control and eliminates ambiguity and confustion. Next up: iPhone app enhancements that will allow you to create and edit items directly from the app.

Jun 13 - Quick add

I have finally found the time to write some more code and improve the website. I have written a Quick Add feature. You can now create bills and income entries directly from the Forecast page using natural language. Other features are to follow, including the ability to create and edit bills and income in the iPhone app.

Feb 19 - Graphing and other goodies

Thank you everyone for your support so far! I have received many requests for enhancements and have knocked the following off the list. Graphing is now available for Premium users on the Forecast page. It's only one graph for now (which I will definitely improve), but please send me email with what other types of graphs you would like to see. On the Calendar page, bills and income are now color coded: red for bills and green for income. Also on the Calendar page, you can click on a forecast item and edit the amount and note for that instance. I have also provided the ability to change the password (finally, right?), as well as other minor bug fixes. An iPhone update with some bug fixes is coming soon. Just a tip: do not forget to do at least one backup, to keep your data safe!

Feb 1 - A few bug fixes

For the past few days I have been getting tons of emails, as people start to use the site more and more. A few users have brought certain bugs to my attention and I have fixed those along with a few enhancements: getting rid of asynchronous fetching and showing a waiting screen instead (this will greatly help non-US users, who have been telling me that there is lag and some actions are not being picked up); remember the last visited page and the last used forecast interval; other minor bug fixes. I still have a large list of todos to go through based on your requests (for the new iPhone app as well as the website), so stay tuned!

Jan 24 - New accounts page

Based on user feedback, I have made the following changes: accounts now have their own page, thus making it much more pleasant to work with them; much improved support for international users. Keep the feedback coming!

Jan 20 - iPhone app and v1.07

The new iPhone app is out and you can download it here. With it, you can manage your forecast on the go: mark items as paid, change forecast amounts, add notes, mark as important, view the history, view the graph, and others. Note that you cannot edit the Money section just yet, but it will be coming. I have also updated the Bills and Income web page, so that it is significantly faster to load and to interact with. Furthermore, I have decided to remove the following limitation for the free account: users are now able to create more than just monthly and one time items.

Jan 10 - Balance Forecasting Web has launched!

The motivation behind Balance Forecasting Web was all the emails I received from users who were moving away from iPhone. I realized I needed to make the app available on multiple devices, but unfortunately I did not have the time. But writing a web app meant that this functionality that has helped so many users, including myself, stay on track with their finances, would be available to everyone who had access browser. Why are the current iPhone and Mac apps not compatible with the new site? It's because I am using brand new code on the backend and this means that I had to rewrite part of the iPhone app as well. That is currently in progress and the result will be a new free app available in the app store soon. The old apps will continue to work like before, but there will no longer be updates for them. I will still answer questions and support them of course. So enjoy the new Balance Forecasting Web and watch out for updates and improvements! Also, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if you need help with something.


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The website never asks for sensitive information, except your income and bills. Even if you opt to purchase the Premium version, the payment is processed securely through FastSpring, a well-known payment processor. Finally, deleting your account is very easy. When you delete your account, all your data and settings stay deleted, unlike on other sites!


Your data will never be sold or otherwise revealed in any way intentionally. In other words, your data is your data and it will never be used for any other purpose than to compute your forecast.

Terms and Conditions

Balance Forecasting Web is provided as is. There may be bugs and other flaws, which I will strive very hard to fix and keep from happening. In case there is financial loss on your part or any other positive or negative consequence of using Balance Forecasting Web, I, Robert Chitoiu, am not to be held responsible in any way shape or form. You and you alone have the responsibility to make sure that the data presented to you by the site is correct. The entirety of this site is to be considered advice.

Premium Version

From the inception of Balance Forecasting for iPhone I have always maintained that the app should be cheap, so that many people can take advantage of its indispensability. Balance Forecasting Web is no different. You can use it for free forever, but there will be certain limitations. Or you can pay $19.99 (or $1.99/month) and get access to all the features.

Free Version Limitations

  • Only one account
  • No access to the calendar
  • Only one of the 7 awesome color themes
  • No backup and restore
  • Up to two months of forecast
  • No forecast filtering
  • No graphs

Will there be an Android version?

I am sorry, but no.

I have started using the web version of the app, but cannot log in using my existing account. Why?

This is because the old iOS and Mac apps and the web app are on completely different systems and they do not sync. You will have to create a new account on the website.

Is there an iOS app I can use with the web app?

Yes, and it is called Balance Forecasting Web.

Are you planning to provide integration with bank accounts and credit card accounts, like Mint does?

No. This is very hard and there are tons of security concerns. It would not be worth it. Manual reconciling is better anyways, because you have full control.

Do you still support the legacy iOS and Mac apps?

No, they are both retired.

Can the dates and amounts be displayed using a non-USA format?

Yes. You will need to change the language of your browser to English - United Kingdom (or whatever other flavor you need). This will be automatically picked up by the website. To change the language, google around on how to do it using your own browser. Additionally, make sure you set the timezone under My Account.

How can I temporarily change a bill to see how the change affects the forecast?

You can do that by simply making the change, navigating to the Forecast or Calendar page, and when you're done, clicking the Undo link in the green message box.


As my users have known for the past 4 years, I answer all questions promptly, sometimes within 10 minutes. If you request a feature, it is very likely that I will implement it. Please email Support with any questions you may have.