See Your Financial Future

Detailed forecast of your financial future
Balance Forecasting allows you to create a detailed view of your financial future based on your monthly bills and income. This allows you to plan months ahead, to make sure you will always have the funds to cover future expenses. Additionally, you can use Balance Forecasting as a tool to keep track of all your upcoming bills and to make sure you are spending within your means. You can also find out how, for example, increasing your credit card payment will impact your account. You can also use Balance Forecasting if you miss the cashflow forecasting functionality of the discontinued Quicken Online.
Forecast up to 30 years ahead
You can view your forecast for 3, 6, 12, 24, or 48 months. Higher intervals are available on the Accounts page by downloading the forecast to CSV directly.
Free two week trial
Register above and get a free fully functional two week trial and see if Balance Forecasting is for you! No need to enter any payment information until you decide to upgrade. After the trial runs out, you will still be able to use this tool, but there will be some limitations.
iOS App
The iOS app can be downloaded here.
Windows Phone 8 app
The Windows Phone 8 app can be downloaded here.
Support for international users
The website was built from the ground up to provide support for multiple number formats, character sets, and date formats, as long as the browser provides that information.
You can view your month by month forecast on the built in calendar. Here you can reschedule bills by simply dragging them to a new date. The calendar is a very useful way to visualize your monthly bills.
Powerful filtering
Easily create a complex filter so you can view exactly the items you need. If you need to view all bills between March and April that will put your account under $50, Balance Forecasting has your covered.
Simple and clean interface
I strive to keep the website clean, with no unnecessary visual elements. Each page does one thing, and does it well.

Balance Forecasting has been helping users see their financial future for the past five years. First on the iPhone and then on the Mac. Now it is even more powerful on the Web.


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The website never asks for sensitive information, except your income and bills. Even if you opt to purchase the Premium version, the payment is processed securely through FastSpring, a well-known payment processor. Finally, deleting your account is very easy. When you delete your account, all your data and settings stay deleted, unlike on other sites!


Your data will never be sold or otherwise revealed in any way intentionally. In other words, your data is your data and it will never be used for any other purpose than to compute your forecast.

Terms and Conditions

Balance Forecasting Web is provided as is. There may be bugs and other flaws, which I will strive very hard to fix and keep from happening. In case there is financial loss on your part or any other positive or negative consequence of using Balance Forecasting Web, I, Robert Chitoiu, am not to be held responsible in any way shape or form. You and you alone have the responsibility to make sure that the data presented to you by the site is correct. The entirety of this site is to be considered advice.

Premium Version

From the inception of Balance Forecasting for iPhone I have always maintained that the app should be cheap, so that many people can take advantage of its indispensability. Balance Forecasting Web is no different. You can use it for free forever, but there will be certain limitations. Or you can pay $19.99 (or $1.99/month) and get access to all the features.

Free Version Limitations

  • Only one account
  • No access to the calendar
  • Only one of the 7 awesome color themes
  • No backup and restore
  • Up to two months of forecast
  • No forecast filtering
  • No graphs

Will there be an Android version?

I am sorry, but no.

I have started using the web version of the app, but cannot log in using my existing account. Why?

This is because the old iOS and Mac apps and the web app are on completely different systems and they do not sync. You will have to create a new account on the website.

Is there an iOS app I can use with the web app?

Yes, and it is called Balance Forecasting Web.

Are you planning to provide integration with bank accounts and credit card accounts, like Mint does?

No. This is very hard and there are tons of security concerns. It would not be worth it. Manual reconciling is better anyways, because you have full control.

Do you still support the legacy iOS and Mac apps?

No, they are both retired.

Can the dates and amounts be displayed using a non-USA format?

Yes. You will need to change the language of your browser to English - United Kingdom (or whatever other flavor you need). This will be automatically picked up by the website. To change the language, google around on how to do it using your own browser. Additionally, make sure you set the timezone under My Account.

How can I temporarily change a bill to see how the change affects the forecast?

You can do that by simply making the change, navigating to the Forecast or Calendar page, and when you're done, clicking the Undo link in the green message box.


As my users have known for the past 4 years, I answer all questions promptly, sometimes within 10 minutes. If you request a feature, it is very likely that I will implement it. Please email Support with any questions you may have.